Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OC Raw Dog

I've been eating pre-made raw for a while now. My pawrents put me on it cuz they think it will be better for me than kibble. Of course I love the pre-made raw! I would eat it over kibble any day of the week! I've eaten Bravo!, Primal, and OC Raw Dog. I cannot say which one is my favorite because they are all so delicious! I only ate Bravo! for 2 weeks, before my pawrents got Primal. They tried Primal for about a month, and this lady named Carrie who my pawrents always buys my food and treats from gave my mom samples of OC Raw Dog. Ever since then I've been an OC Raw Dog!

According to OC Raw Dog, here are 10 reasons why a Dog should be a RAW DOG!
  • No More Messy Poop Pick Up
  • Significantly Smaller Stools
  • No More Room Clearing Farts
  • All Natural
  • Chemical Free
  • Preservative Free
  • No Animal By-Products
  • Dogs Love It
  • Human Grade Fresh Meat & Vegitables
  • Dogs Eating How Nature Intended

OC Raw Dog is also a local company. They are based very close to where I live and my pawrents decided to switch me to their food to support their business. Not only that, with the money they save from switching me to OC Raw Dog they have more money to buy me treats and toys! Yay! The other week I saw my mom calculating how much my pawrents have saved each month by switching me. Comparing Primals' chicken formula to OC Raw Dog's chicken formula my pawrents save about $22 a month on my food! My mom hasn't calculated other formulas yet, but she says the price Primal charges for formula other than Chicken & Beef is a bit pricey compared to OC Raw Dog's. Of course Primal has more selection, but OC Raw Dog is just as good and we are supporting smaller and local business! Plus, it's yummy and that's all that matters to me!

My pawrents says if any of you doggies or doggie pawrents are in Southern California to check out OC Raw Dog!

Me enjoying my OC Raw Dog, Chicken & Produce formula for dinner!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making them Proud

My pawrents were dreading taking me to Obedience Level 1 graduation, which happened on October 9.  They were afraid I wasn't going to want to show that I've learned anything these past 5 weeks going to class.  OH WERE THEY SURPRISED!  I showed them that I could listen!  Of course it's cause they had some food with them that they never let me had before!  So I had to be on my best behavior so I would get the yummy food. I think my pawrents called them "hot dogs".  I get hot sometimes, but I don't think I'm as tasty as the "hot dog".  Must find the secret in the hot dog!  Anyway, I was on my best behavior and passed with an A+.

Proof of my A+
After everydog took their graduation test we played Doggy Jeopardy.  If my little shiba mind remembers correctly the categories were: Sit, Down, Stay with Movement, Stay with Distractions, and Tricks.  Guess who got the most points in Doggy Jeopardy?  YES!  Yours truly!  My pawrents praised and praised me for being such a good girl, and of course gave me some more hot dogs!  Not only that, I got a prize for winning Doggy Jeopardy!  The trainer gave me a Bullystick! HURRAY!

My dad doing jumping jacks, while I "stay" for Doggy Jeopardy
I will be returning in 5 weeks to take Obedience Level 2.  Sometimes I overhear my pawrents talking to each other, wondering if I'm ready for it yet.  I guess I will just have to surprise them again, won't I?

Saturday, October 16, 2010