Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making them Proud

My pawrents were dreading taking me to Obedience Level 1 graduation, which happened on October 9.  They were afraid I wasn't going to want to show that I've learned anything these past 5 weeks going to class.  OH WERE THEY SURPRISED!  I showed them that I could listen!  Of course it's cause they had some food with them that they never let me had before!  So I had to be on my best behavior so I would get the yummy food. I think my pawrents called them "hot dogs".  I get hot sometimes, but I don't think I'm as tasty as the "hot dog".  Must find the secret in the hot dog!  Anyway, I was on my best behavior and passed with an A+.

Proof of my A+
After everydog took their graduation test we played Doggy Jeopardy.  If my little shiba mind remembers correctly the categories were: Sit, Down, Stay with Movement, Stay with Distractions, and Tricks.  Guess who got the most points in Doggy Jeopardy?  YES!  Yours truly!  My pawrents praised and praised me for being such a good girl, and of course gave me some more hot dogs!  Not only that, I got a prize for winning Doggy Jeopardy!  The trainer gave me a Bullystick! HURRAY!

My dad doing jumping jacks, while I "stay" for Doggy Jeopardy
I will be returning in 5 weeks to take Obedience Level 2.  Sometimes I overhear my pawrents talking to each other, wondering if I'm ready for it yet.  I guess I will just have to surprise them again, won't I?


  1. congrats!

    you'll no doubt surprise them every time you pass, and then every time you choose to forget your training at home. :)

  2. Your parents look sooo proud of you! Congrats, Mika!

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