Tuesday, November 30, 2010


How many of you get to sit as the co-pilot when your pawrents are driving? If I'm lucky I get to! It depends how far the drive is. Sometimes they put me in the backseat where my view isn't that great! But I love the front seat cuz I can see everyone and everything that we are zooming by! Every now and then when both pawrents are in the car, one will let me sit with them as the co-pilot and I get to stick my head out the window. I loves it! Now, most of the time when I am sitting co-pilot I use my shiba mind control to make them drive me to the pet store, dog park, or to visit one of my furry friends! It works 80% of the time. Guess I am not a Shiba Master yet!

Co-pilot in Mom's car

Hi-jacking the car to go to the pet store!
Making sure iz safe to back up

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  1. i love to be co-pilot, too! and if the whole pack's in the car, i get to ride on the lap of the human co-pilot (which, i think, still means i'm second in command).

    looks like you're having fun! :)