Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snuggly Cuddle Bug

Yes, it is true. I, Mika, the Shiba Inu love to cuddle! Of course it is when no one is looking and when no one is able to get the proof! Even though I just admitted it, all you shiba owners out there know that shibas hate to be touched and held! So of course you will think I am just lying!

Lately, when going into bed I've been snuggling up super close to my mom. I even lay on her arm if she has it extended. I am always up against her face that it wakes her up when she is sleeping because my whiskers hit her. I love to be close to her. When readjusting myself during the night I always make sure I am touching her. Why the sudden change? Maybe cause I am growing up into a loving shiba!

Since there is no proof of my snuggles with my mom, I figured this picture will show a little bit of my cuddly side!

Cuddling with my Squirrel

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  1. Oh it is nice you don't destroy your plush. Betsy had the same toy and she killed it. Stuffing guts everywhere :(