Saturday, May 7, 2011

Grrr-emlins - Tuff N Stuffed Latex Dog Toys

I love to spoil the pups by buying them new toys. During Christmas I was looking for toys to send to Mika's Secret Santa I had her participate in with other Shibas. I asked Kevin for advice and he found the Grrr-emlins. I thought they were so hideous I did not want to send one to Mika's Secret Santa. I told Kevin he could buy them for Mika though since he thought they were so cool.

He finally got around to purchasing them recently. They are supposed to be pretty durable, filled with a certain type of foam and it also has a squeaker built in. For some reason most Nihon Kens love squeaker toys so I knew it was going to be hit with the pups because of the squeakers.

So for the durable part. Mika has already chewed off one of the ears to the Grrr-emlins. Poor guy. Didn't see it coming. However, the other two we have seem to be in-tact still. I kind of want to collect them all and see which one lasts the longest. I think the one that has the destroyed ear is a favorite though. Mika would not chew on any other Grrr-emlin like she did with "Booglin". Perhaps the ears to Booglin felt nice on her teeth to chew on.

We got a really good deal on these toys, and so far they have been keeping the pups occupied, so overall it was worth the money spent on them. They are ugly, but I am becoming fond of them now!

Grrr-emlin - Booglin. You can see Mika's teeth marks on his ears

Grrr-emlin - Slugger

 Hippo - he is not part of the Grrr-emlin line, but is still a Tuff N Stuffed Latex Toy

Now I just need to get the other Grrr-emlins and Tuff N Stuffed Latex Toys


  1. I got the Pink Goober for my two Shibas - Maluko and Koji. Maluko is usually not into toys and Koji loves everything that squeaks, so this is a instant hit with him. Maluko did chew on the Pink Goober and punctured it the first day we got it.

    When I first saw these toys at the store, I was like ----- this is really ugly, but like you, they grow on you over time.

    Where did you get yours?


  2. Hi Sandra!

    My boyfriend purchased them off of He found a coupon online for free shipping off a certain amount, so we got 3 of the Tuff N Stuffed Latex Toys as well as a Medium sized Cuz Good for about $26. Pretty snazzy deal imo!


  3. Julie,

    That's where I was thinking about purchasing these too. They have a $10 off $35 coupon with free shipping and if you use a site like, you get an additional 12% off (not immediately, but you will get the money back from fatwallet once you reach the minimum payout amount).