Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Introducing me!

I guess my name is Mika. That's what the lady who is presumed to be my mom calls me. I don't always come when she calls me that though. Why should I? She should come to me, not me to her. She's been depriving me of my morning meals! She doesn't feed me when I wake up in the morning. She mutters something about it being 4 o'clock in the morning and that I should sleep for a few more hours. She has some issues, clearly it is 7 in the morning when I get up not 4. Silly lady can't even tell time. I do remember her talking to some of her friends about how she's trying to get me adjusted to West Coast time. What the heck is all that talk about? Time shouldn't be the issue here, because everything revolves around me and therefore she should feed me when I wake up in the morning regardless of what time it is!

Yesterday my mom took me on a trip to many different places. I mainly just slept the whole way there. We went to some store called Whole Petz. The lady there gave me some delicious treats! I couldn't get enough of them. I wish my mom would give me some of that! She mentioned to the lady how she was going to stop by the supermarket afterwards to pick up some peanut butter and yogurt to freeze for me to have as a treat. Let me tell you, that peanut butter thing is not to my liking at all! She tried to get me to lick the spoon that had the mix of peanut butter and yogurt on it last night. Of course I walked away and ignored her for a while since she tried to make me eat something disgusting. Again this afternoon, she pulls something very cold out of the freezer and gives it to me. I like that it was cold, but then I sniffed it some more and realized it was the blasted mixture of peanut butter and yogurt. How dare she still try to feed it to me! Just because it's frozen doesn't mean I will like it! The nerve of her! She did say tonight she is going to try something new for me, something like mixing blueberries and the yogurt instead. I do like those blueberries! She gave me a few earlier as treats and it was deeeeeeeeelicious! Now that's the kind of stuff I like, not any of that peanut butter junk! I heard my distant corgi cousin Zoey doesn't like peanut butter either. That Zoey has good taste buds! I do know that my other so called cousins Venus and Kuma love peanut butter. Maybe I can get my mom to give them that horrid, sticky cream!

I am kind of sleepy now! I will let you all know how the yogurt and blueberries go! I hope it isn't as bad as the peanut butter!


  1. Hi Mika - I don't like peanut butter either. I don't think there are peanuts in Japan and we Shibas know this. I prefer salmon. And cheese.

    -- Prince Zuko

  2. Zuko -

    I'm so glad that I'm not alone in not liking peanut butter! Each time my mom corrects someone and tells them I don't like it they always say "WHAT?! I NEVER MET A DOG THAT DOESN'T LIKE PEANUT BUTTER"

    Happy to know I'm not alone! Yay!