Monday, June 21, 2010


Mika mentioned how she didn't like the taste of peanut butter earlier. That is a real disappointment. I was hoping that she would like it so that it would keep her busy longer, especially if it's frozen pb. However, she goes nuts for frozen yogurt & blueberries. She gets tired of trying to lick it and work to get it out when it isn't at the tip anymore. I usually have to push it towards the bottom to get it. If not she lets it sit there for a while and plays with her other toys to let it melt so she can continue licking it.

I purchased some Stella & Chewy's carnivore Crunch Beef Treats to train her with. So far it's going well and she also loves these treats. She doesn't care much for the Zuke's mini naturals salmon treats. She understands her name, but like most shibas, she doesn't always listen when she is being called. A mind of their own. Mika has also learned how to sit. Currently working on the "lay down". It is a bit tougher as she won't stay still for too long. I may just put the "lay down" on hold for a bit, and work on a "sit-stay" with her since she loves the treats she's getting currently, I want to see how long I can get her to "stay" for.

Well, time to research more treats to give to her for training!

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