Saturday, January 14, 2012

Little Watch Dogs

Kyuubi and Mika are little watch dogs. =) They constantly perch themselves at the end of the couch and stare out through the blinds, watching what's going on outside. Sometimes they take turns and sometimes they watch together.

They like to be the first to know when someone is approaching the front door. The duo make it known when someone is out there. They also start to look outside to see what's going on if there is a lot of noise they aren't used to hearing in their everyday lives. I will admit though, it does get a bit tiring when they are constantly alerting us that there is someone or something outside, especially on the weekends when kids are out and about playing. They are finally getting used to the sound of children running around, screaming and playing. Little kids screaming in a high pitch tend to make the pups a bit alert. =)

Disclaimer: I have never trained my dogs to be any type of watch dog, they do this on their own. A watch dog does not mean that they are a guard dog. There is a difference between a watch dog and a guard dog. Brad Anderson blogged about the difference between a guard dog and watchdog. It can be read here

watching together


  1. Yuki is the same way, Julie. Hope you're doing well!

  2. I figured Miss Yuki would be!

    Everything is great. I've just been really MIA on blogging and on twitter hehe. Hope everything is well with you too!